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Henry Williams

Balsamiq Mockups License 255

Balsamiq is built for rapid wireframing, and it uses non-pixel-perfect UI elements to reinforce the quick-and-dirtiness of the prototypes you create with it. Author / copyright holder: Balsamiq. Copyright terms and license: Fair Use.

Balsamiq mockups license 255

But this is not the case.How many times have you used an app or a website that has a clunky UX or poor UI? Practically always, these applications are built by teams without designers.When apps are built only by writing code, without mockups, prototypes, or any other design in mind, they end up looking unprofessional.

In other words, creating mockups is faster than ever before. Sketch allows you to focus on more important aspects of the product such as user flows and wireframing.The possibilities you have with the software are endless when it comes to the actual production of mockups. Sketch allows you to create modern designs without being intimidated by the vast array of features of today.Overall, using Sketch is a great way to save time and create faster wireframes and prototypes with little effort.

The tool does not focus on just one type of design.OmniGraffle is built to create wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes.It is a great tool for designers looking to create their own apps or those that work closely with developers.

What makes OmniGraffle so great is that it can be used for everything from wire-framing to high-fidelity prototypes.The tool contains a powerful set of features such as the Layout and Format panel, snap-to-grid functionality, and auto-resizing handles. These features give users the opportunity to create mockups that will look just like the final product without needing to build it first in code or another application.OmniGraffle is also able to import and export images quickly and retrieve them even faster which helps speed up design time by minimizing how much you need to switch between apps while creating your mobile app designs.

It is really easy to overlook UI/UX design skills. But time and time again, you can easily tell if an app is designed by someone with no UI/UX experience.If you are into mobile app design, I recommend you take an online course about UI/UX design and then purchase a license to one of these tools.And if you are a business person, you should hire a real mobile app designer for your team.


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