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PUBG MOBILE Real Hack APK v2.6.0: The Latest Version with ESP, Aimbot, Anti-Ban and More

PUBG Mobile Real Hack APK Download: What You Need to Know

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, with millions of players enjoying its thrilling battle royale gameplay. However, some players are tempted to use hacks and cheats to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. In this article, we will explain what PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats are, what are the risks and consequences of using them, and how to avoid them.

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What is PUBG Mobile and why is it popular?

PUBG Mobile is a mobile game adaptation of PUBG: Battlegrounds, a PC game developed by Tencent Games. It is a free-to-play battle royale game, where 100 players parachute down to a remote island and fight to remain as the last player standing. The game features various maps, modes, weapons, vehicles, and items that give players a thrilling survival experience. Players can also team up with their friends or other players in squads of two or four.

PUBG Mobile features and gameplay

The game begins with the players flying in a plane over one of the available maps, which they can choose before the match. As they cross the map, they can decide where to parachute down. When they land, they have no supplies or weapons, so they have to scavenge for them in buildings or loot them from other players. The game also has a safe zone that shrinks over time, forcing the players to move closer to each other. Anyone who stays outside the safe zone will lose health gradually until they die. The game also has random events such as red zones that bombard an area with bombs, or air drops that deliver special items. The last player or team alive wins the match and gets the famous "winner winner chicken dinner" message.

PUBG Mobile challenges and rewards

PUBG Mobile offers various challenges and rewards for players to keep them engaged and motivated. The game has daily missions, achievements, events, seasons, ranks, leaderboards, clans, crews, and more. By completing these challenges, players can earn rewards such as battle points (BP), silver fragments, UC (unknown cash), crates, skins, outfits, emotes, titles, badges, and more. These rewards can be used to customize their characters, weapons, vehicles, or purchase premium items.

What are PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats?

PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats are unauthorized modifications or programs that give players an unfair advantage over their opponents. They can alter the game data or inject code into the game client to manipulate the game mechanics or visuals. Some of the most common PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats are:

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This cheat allows players to see through walls or other obstacles and spot their enemies easily. They can also see their enemies' names, health bars, distance, weapons, and other information. This gives them a huge advantage in ambushes or sniping.


ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception. This cheat is similar to wallhack but provides more information on the enemies. It can show their exact location on the map, their movement direction, their inventory items, their vehicle status, their kill count, and more. It can also show the location of loot items, air drops, vehicles, crates, etc.


This cheat automatically aims at the enemies' heads or bodies and shoots them with perfect accuracy. It can also adjust the aimbot to the recoil, bullet drop, or movement speed of the enemies. It can also switch between different weapons or fire modes. This cheat makes it almost impossible to miss a shot or lose a gunfight.

Speed hack

This cheat increases the movement speed of the player, allowing them to run faster, jump higher, or dodge bullets. They can also move across the map quickly and reach the safe zone or loot spots before anyone else. This cheat gives them a huge mobility advantage and makes them hard to hit.

Jump hack

This cheat allows the player to jump over walls, buildings, or other obstacles that normally block their way. They can also jump from high places without taking fall damage. This cheat gives them a great vertical advantage and allows them to surprise their enemies or escape from danger.

What are the risks and consequences of using PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats?

While PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats may seem tempting to some players, they come with serious risks and consequences that can ruin their gaming experience and reputation. Some of the risks and consequences are:

Ban from the game

PUBG Mobile has a strict anti-cheat system that detects and bans players who use hacks and cheats. The game uses various methods such as server-side checks, client-side checks, spectator mode, replay mode, report system, etc. to identify and punish cheaters. The game also updates its anti-cheat system regularly to counter new hacks and cheats. If a player is caught using hacks or cheats, they can face a temporary or permanent ban from the game, depending on the severity of their offense. They can also lose their account, progress, items, and rewards.

Legal action

PUBG Mobile is a registered trademark of Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation. Using hacks and cheats is a violation of their intellectual property rights and terms of service. The game developers have the right to take legal action against anyone who infringes their rights or damages their reputation. They can also sue anyone who creates, distributes, or sells hacks and cheats for PUBG Mobile. The legal consequences can include fines, injunctions, damages, or even criminal charges.

Malware infection

Many PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats are not safe to download or use. They can contain malware such as viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, etc. that can harm the device or steal personal information of the user. Some malware can also hijack the game account or lock the device until a ransom is paid. The user may not even know that they have been infected until it is too late.

Unfair advantage and loss of fun

Using hacks and cheats may give the user an unfair advantage over other players, but it also takes away the fun and challenge of the game. The user may win more matches or get more kills, but they will not feel any satisfaction or accomplishment. They will also lose the respect and trust of other players who play fairly and honestly. They will not be able to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played.

How to avoid PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats?

The best way to avoid PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats is to not use them at all. They are not worth the risks and consequences that they bring. Instead, here are some tips on how to play PUBG Mobile without hacks and cheats:

Report suspicious players

If you encounter a player who seems to be using hacks or cheats in PUBG Mobile, you can report them to the game developers through the in-game report system or the official website. You can also provide evidence such as screenshots or videos to support your report. The game developers will investigate your report and take appropriate action against the cheater.

Use official sources to download the game

To avoid downloading malware or fake versions of PUBG Mobile, you should always use official sources to download the game. You can download PUBG Mobile from Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices. You can also visit the official website of PUBG Mobile for more information on how to download the game.

Improve your skills and strategies

The best way to win in PUBG Mobile is to improve your skills and strategies. You can practice your aim, movement, positioning, looting, etc. in training mode or arcade mode. You can also watch tutorials, guides, tips, tricks, etc. from professional players or streamers on YouTube or Twitch. You can also learn from your mistakes by watching your replays or analyzing your statistics.


PUBG Mobile is a fun and exciting game that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves battle royale games. However, using hacks and cheats to play the game is not only unethical but also risky and harmful. It can ruin the game experience for yourself and others, and it can also get you banned from the game or face legal action. Therefore, you should avoid PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats at all costs and play the game fairly and honestly. By doing so, you will have more fun and satisfaction in PUBG Mobile.


Here are some frequently asked questions about PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats:


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