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Crack Winquick Kfz

WinQuick Kfz: A Software Solution for the Automotive Industry

WinQuick Kfz is a software program developed by Müßner, a company that specializes in software solutions for the automotive industry. WinQuick Kfz is designed to meet the needs of various types of businesses in the automotive sector, such as free or brand-bound workshops, small car dealerships, tire service, fleet management, body repair, and hobby workshops. WinQuick Kfz is available in two versions: Basic and Premium, with different features and modules.

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Features and Modules of WinQuick Kfz

WinQuick Kfz offers a range of features and modules that help users manage their daily tasks and operations in the automotive industry. Some of the features and modules include:

  • Customer and vehicle management: Users can store and access customer and vehicle data, such as contact information, vehicle identification number, license plate, mileage, service history, warranty status, etc.

  • Order processing: Users can create and print invoices, quotations, orders, delivery notes, reminders, etc. Users can also track the status of orders and payments.

  • Inventory management: Users can manage their inventory of spare parts, accessories, tires, oils, etc. Users can also order items from suppliers and monitor their stock levels.

  • Workshop planning: Users can schedule appointments and assign tasks to employees. Users can also record working hours and materials used for each job.

  • Accounting: Users can generate reports and statistics on their sales, expenses, profits, taxes, etc. Users can also export their data to external accounting software.

  • Online services: Users can access online databases and catalogs of vehicle manufacturers, parts suppliers, insurance companies, etc. Users can also send and receive emails and SMS messages from within the software.

Versions and Pricing of WinQuick Kfz

WinQuick Kfz is available in two versions: Basic and Premium. The Basic version is a reduced version of WinQuick Kfz that does not include all modules and interfaces. The Premium version is a full version of WinQuick Kfz that includes all modules and interfaces that are available. The table below shows a comparison of the features and modules included in each version:

Feature/ModuleBasic VersionPremium Version

Customer and vehicle managementYesYes

Order processingYesYes

Inventory managementNoYes

Workshop planningNoYes


Online servicesNoYes

Data backupNoYes

Data import/exportNoYes

Data encryptionNoYes

User managementNoYes

Multilingual supportNoYes (German/English)

Pricing (per month)$99.00 + VAT*$199.00 + VAT*

*VAT may vary depending on the country of purchase

In addition to the Basic and Premium versions, WinQuick Kfz also offers a Hybrid version that stores the data in a secure cloud server. This option allows users to access their data from any Windows PC over the internet. The Hybrid version has the same features and modules as the Premium version. The pricing for the Hybrid version is $249.00 + VAT per month.

How to Download and Test WinQuick Kfz

Müßner offers a free software download for WinQuick Kfz on its website. Users can download and install the setup program for WinQuick Kfz PG XS, which is a fully functional test version without any time limit. The test version is only limited by the number of orders that can be saved (60 pieces). After that, the test version automatically switches to a free version with an annual turnover of $25,000. Users can enter their own data and test all the features and modules of the software. Users can also request a free activation code to convert the test version into a full version at any time. The data entered in the test version will be retained in the full version.


WinQuick Kfz is a software solution for the automotive industry that helps users manage their customers, vehicles, orders, inventory, workshop, accounting, and online services. WinQuick Kfz is available in two versions: Basic and Premium, with different features and modules. WinQuick Kfz also offers a Hybrid version that stores the data in a secure cloud server. Users can download and test WinQuick Kfz for free from the Müßner website. WinQuick Kfz is a software program that can help users improve their efficiency and profitability in the automotive sector.


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