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Henry Williams
Henry Williams

Dungeon Slaves [v0.61] [APK]

Finally, after doing all the new stuff at Bareshade that I missed, I can actually start the new area stuff.. ngl.. when I saw Ratkin's deal in the patch notes; Was hoping it was sex at the bar with ratkins like bartender mentioned..Edit: I'm getting stuck at the 0.44 patch dungeon part with the two earth- and one water plate.. I'm missing something...

Dungeon Slaves [v0.61] [APK]

Bee Hive entrance skipping bee guards andf afterwards showing wrong desc of the room until clearing dungeon, button on 2nd page of unique sex scenes not leading to 1st page, Mysterious Seed missing from Unequip/Misc menu

-Added fountains to Ebon Labyrinth. You can find them near boss rooms at some depth/room count (after clearing the dungeon). You can use them to make legendary items, just like Celess. The type of the fountain (pure/corrupt) is selected randomly. (Svalkash)

The monsters could teleport to the human world through the connection between worlds. And humanity has since become subject to being hunted by demons and becoming slaves. Hopes of repelling monsters were also dashed when they repeatedly appeared before humans. The land of darkness that nurtured monsters also expanded from there and spilt over into the world. The bosses behind them are about to achieve their goal of controlling people, and they are increasingly attacking. So this world needs hope to continue fighting the monsters that appear. Search for heroes in the human world and fight against the monster attack incident.

The monster attack incident almost extinguished the hope of people in the world. But the heroes have connected with you and decided to fight the monsters with humanity. And their arrival at the right time gave the world time to accumulate forces. You will now bond with the strongest of the world and venture into the dungeon. You must win every confrontation with the monster to complete the protection goal. Destroying the dungeons that spawn them is the best way to prevent nightmares from continuing to invade. Download Chronicles of Edimer mod to protect the world with heroes from monster events. 041b061a72


This is for all players that cannot commit to the league pla...


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