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Christ Tresor Kouadio

Spectrasonics Heart Of Asia Vol.3 For KONTAKT

Spectrasonics Heart Of Asia Vol.3 For KONTAKT

If you are looking for a collection of authentic and diverse Asian instruments and phrases, you might want to check out Spectrasonics Heart Of Asia Vol.3 For KONTAKT. This is a sample library that contains over a gigabyte of beautifully multi-sampled sounds from the Far East, recorded in high quality and ready to use in your music projects.

Spectrasonics Heart Of Asia Vol.3 For KONTAKT is the third and final installment of the Heart Of Asia series, which was originally released in 1994 as a CD-ROM set for Akai and Roland samplers. The series was the world's first comprehensive collection of Asian instruments and phrases, covering a wide range of styles, locations and tempos. The samples were digitally recorded in the heart of Asia by renowned sound designer Eric Persing and his team, who traveled to various countries and regions to capture the essence of their musical cultures.


Some of the sounds that you can find in Spectrasonics Heart Of Asia Vol.3 For KONTAKT are:

  • Angklung phrases & samples

  • Indian, Javanese, and Thai percussion & ensemble grooves

  • Nepalese, Malaysian, and Indonesian percussion ensembles

  • Complete Javanese Gamelan Orchestra

  • Chinese, Malay, Nepalese, and Indian flute phrases

  • Indian Tambouras

  • Tibetan Wool Bow

  • Chinese & Malay temple flutes

  • Indian Bamboo Bass Flute phrases

  • Dragon Drums

  • Tibetan Parade Band with Horses

  • Chinese Cymbals and Gongs

  • Sitar phrases and samples

  • Veena, Pipa, Erhu, San Xuan, Luan, & Yang Chin

  • Thai & Malay Orchestra phrases and samples

  • Guzhen- Chinese Koto instruments, glissandos & phrases

  • Tibetan children singing

  • Chinese and Thai Opera divas - vocal phrases

  • Sanskrit, Hindi, Malay, Javanese, Thai and Mandarin vocal phrases, chants, poetry and speech

  • 300 Tibetan monks singing and drumming in a cave

All the samples are authentic, 100% COPYRIGHT CLEAN, royalty free and record-ready for your next film score, album or remix project. You can also choose between traditional and western tunings for the instruments. The library is compatible with KONTAKT, the industry-standard sampler from Native Instruments, which allows you to tweak the sounds with various effects and parameters.

Spectrasonics Heart Of Asia Vol.3 For KONTAKT has received rave reviews from various magazines and websites, such as Keyboard, Future Music, Sound on Sound, Sound & Recording and more. They praised the library for its quality, diversity, usability and expressiveness. Some of the quotes are:

"...a treasure chest of lovingly sampled performances, plus individual multisampled instruments ...enchanting...very expressive..long lilting phrases that soar like birds ...powerful ...heartfelt ...intricate rhythms ...riveting ...gorgeous ...evocative...If you're not satisfied to sound like every other new kid in the 'hood, Heart of Asia will definitely give you some cruel tools...a real find." -KEYBOARD magazine 5 Star review

"...Immaculately recorded (unlike some similar collections) and grouped by style, location and tempo. The range and subtlety of the CD is faultless, and finding a sample is easy enough (thanks to the straightforward tempo and style listings)....You won't find a better collection of ethnic sounds anywhere else. " -Future Music review 9/10

"The geographical breadth of styles and influences is astonishing, and this two-disc set probably represents the most comprehensively usable, best-recorded collection of World Music samples I've had the pleasure to review so far." -Sound on Sound 5 Star review

"Spans a wide area, ranging from China and India, to the Middle East; this revolutionary title covers instrumental and non-instrumental sounds from most countries in the continent. .... Provides a treasure chest of musical phrases....Sonic details are captured in absolute noise whatsoever." -Sound & Recording -Japan

If you are interested in Spectrasonics Heart Of Asia Vol.3 For KONTAKT, you can listen to some audio demos on SoundCloud or download the library from the Internet Archive. You can also visit the official website of Spectrasonics for more information about their products and services.

Spectrasonics Heart Of Asia Vol.3 For KONTAKT is a sample library that will enrich your musical palette with the sounds of the Far East. Whether you are composing for film, TV, games, or music, you will find inspiration and creativity in this collection. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the musical heritage of Asia with Spectrasonics Heart Of Asia Vol.3 For KONTAKT.


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