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Henry Williams
Henry Williams

A Gnosis Universal ( PDFDrive ) [2021]

This is he who is sought in every place. And this is the Father from whom, like a light-spark, the monad came forth, beside which all the worlds are as nothing. . . . It is this which moved all things with its shining. And they received gnosis and life and hope and rest and love and resurrection and faith and rebirth and the seal. This is the ennead which came from the Father of those without beginning, who alone is Father and Mother unto himself, whose pleroma surrounds the twelve deeps -

A Gnosis universal ( PDFDrive )


And in the place of the indivisible one there are twelve springs, and upon them twelve fatherhoods, surrounding the indivisible one in the manner of the deeps or these veils. And there is a crown upon the indivisible one in which is every species of life : and every triple-powered species; and every incomprehensible species : and every endless species ; and every unutterable species; and every silent species ; and every unmoved species ; and every first-visible species ; and every self-begotten species ; and every true species ; all being within it. And in this is every species and every gnosis. And every power receives light from it. And every mind is revealed in it. This is the crown which the Father of the All gave to the indivisible one, in which there are 365 species, and they shine and fill the All with imperishable and inextinguishable light.

And she is the concept of every god and every lord. And she is the gnosis of every invisible one. And thy image is the mother of every incomprehensible one. And it is the power of every infinite one" And they bless the only-begotten one, saying : "Through thy image we have seen thee, we have fled to thee, we have stood with thee, we have received the unfading crown, which has been known through thee. Glory to thee for ever, O only begotten one" And they all said : "Amen" at once.

4. The fourth is called gnosis, through which the first father has been known, he because of whom they exist, and through whom has been known the mystery of the silence, which speaks in all things, which is hidden - the first monad, for whose sake the All became insubstantial. This is the mystery on whose head the 365 substances' are a crown like the hair of a man. And the holy pleroma is like these footstools under his feet. This is the door of God.

And the mystery commanded that the veils of the aeons be drawn back until the overseer established the aeons again. And the overseer established the aeons again, as it is written: "He established the inhabited world and it shall not be moved "; and also: "The earth was dissolved with all those upon it." And then the triple-powered one in whom the Son was hidden came forth, and on his head was the crown of stability, making myriads upon myriads of glories, and those who cry out: "Make straight the way of the Lord and receive the grace of God. And he will fill all the aeons which belong to you (?) ' with the grace of the only-begotten Son." And the holy Father, the all-perfect one, stood over the immeasurable deep. And it is he from whom is the whole fullness: "Out of his fullness have we received grace." Then the aeon was established, it ceased to move. The Father established it so that it should not move for ever. And the aeon of the mother remained filled with those things which were in it, until the command came forth through the mystery hidden in the first Father - from whom the mystery came forth - that his Son should establish the All once again in his gnosis, in which the All is contained'.

Then Setheus sent a creative word with which were many powers having crowns upon their heads. And their crowns sent forth rays, and the shining of their bodies enlivened ' the place to which they came. And the word which came forth from their mouths was eternal life. And the light which came forth from their eyes was to them rest. And the movement of their hands was their flight to the place from whence they came forth. And their looking into their faces was the gnosis in relation to themselves. And their journey to themselves was their turning inwards once again.

Because of this work, the Father of the All (pl.), the indescribable one ', sent a crown in which is the name of the All (pl.) ', whether endless, or unutterable, or incomprehensible, or imperishable, or unknowable, or still, or all-powered, or indivisible. This is the crown of which it is written: "It was given to Solomon on the day of the joy of his heart." The first monad furthermore sent him an ineffable garment ' which was all light and all life and all resurrection, and all love and all hope and all faith and all wisdom, and all gnosis, and all truth, and all peace, and all-visible ', and all-mother, and all-mystery, and all-source, and all-perfect, and all invisible, and all unknowable, and all endless, and all unutterable, and all deep, and all incomprehensible, and all pleroma, and all silence, and all unmoved, and all unbegotten, and all still, and ) all monad, and all ennead, and all dodecad, and all ogdoad, and all decad, and all hebdomad, and all hexad, and all pentad, and all tetrad, and all triad, and all dyad, and all monad.

thee 0 (source of light whence is all) light. I bless (thee), 0 thee, 0 unthinkable one of light , 0 forefather of light, thee, 0 invisible one of light, who art before (all) that is invisible. (I) bless thee, 0 thought of light, who surpassest all thoughts. I bless thee, 0 God of Light, who art before a11 gods. I bless thee, 0 gnosis that art light to all gnoses. I bless thee, 0 unknowable one of light, who art before all that is unknowable. I bless thee, 0 still one of light, who art before all that is still. I bless , 0 all-powered one of light, who surpasseth all that is all-powered. I bless thee, triple-powered one of light, who surpassest all that is triple- powered. I bless thee, 0 indivisible one of light, but thou art he who divides all light. I praise thee, 0 pure one of light, who surpassest all the pure ones. I bless thee... 041b061a72


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