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Henry Williams

MyLab & Mastering | Pearson

harper said she didn't see any reason to buy access codes for mylab when it was free to use. but other students told buzzfeed news that they bought access codes, and that they used the codes to access their online courses. and at the end of the school year, harper said that she had about 10 or 20 codes for mylab.

pearson mylab access code keygen

while getting access codes was an extra expense, harper said it was worth it. harper was able to access the mylab platform, where she and her classmates had to submit homework, take exams and track their grades. the platform had a "smart" book feature, where there were hints for each chapter that would pop up as the students progressed through the course.

harper also said she had access to the mylab cram which allows students to practice questions in order to get the most out of exams. she said it was helpful when she saw a question that she hadn't practiced.

mylab comes in two varieties: course-specific and course-agnostic. course-specific mylab is available in four versions basic, premium, premium plus and premium ultimate. the basic and premium versions can be used by any college or university that purchases a package of the course-specific software. premium plus and premium ultimate are only available to colleges or universities that purchase a package of the course-specific software.

course-agnostic mylab can be used by all colleges or universities. however, the software includes course-specific versions of the mylab courses. this allows course-specific mylab to be used by all colleges or universities regardless of which course mylab they are using.


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