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Buy Used Machinery

Whether you are looking for a specific machine type or a specific year of manufacture: simply enter the desired device name or specifications in the search mask and the corresponding offers of used machines will be displayed. On RESALE you can search for example following in used machines categories:

buy used machinery

High acquisition costs and short life cycles: Used machines are becoming increasingly important for companies, regardless of the size of the company. Especially when a device breaks down in the production process and time is running out because a production stop threatens, used machines turn out to be a real alternative to new devices. But even if you want to expand your machine park, so as to increase the efficiency even further, second-hand goods become a great alternative compared to a new machinery. Whether printing presses, agricultural machinery or packaging machines: Not only are used machines more affordable, they are also quickly available. In addition, they can often compete with new equipment in terms of quality.

RESALE is the oldest used machine marketplace worldwide and brings together suppliers and sellers. As the first second-hand machine marketplace on the Internet, we went online in 1996 and have since defied numerous imitators. We only provide the platform for sellers of used equipment - but we do not offer any products for sale.

Machine tools or printing presses: at RESALE you will find machinery from well-known manufacturers at fair prices. As a leading used machinery platform for numerous machine industries, we offer more than 100,000 used machines and equipment as well as more than 20,000 registered sellers. You can buy used machines at for a fixed price or you can win the bid in an auction. We ourselves keep our costs low by efficient work and can pass these on directly in the form of favorable prices to our customers.

Machinery and equipment used directly and predominantly in the production of tangible personal property for sale can be purchased exempt from sales tax using Form ST-121, Exempt Use Certificate. Machinery and equipment used in the administration or distribution phases does not qualify for the exemption.Directly means that during the production phase the machinery or equipment must:

Computer equipment used in collateral or administrative functions (such as computer equipment linked to production equipment that merely functions to collect data for administrative use) does not qualify for the exemption.

Parts, tools, and supplies can also be purchased exempt from sales tax if they are used directly and predominantly in production.Parts are components of machinery or equipment that are actually attached to the machinery or equipment. A part cannot accomplish the work for which it was designed independent of the machine of which it is intended to be a component. Examples of parts are:

Charges to a manufacturer for installing, maintaining, servicing, or repairing exempt production machinery and equipment are also exempt from sales tax.Installing means setting up or putting something in place for use. For example, the installation of plumbing or electrical fixtures needed for the operation of production equipment is exempt from sales tax.Maintaining, servicing, and repairing are terms used to cover all activities that relate to keeping things in a condition of fitness, efficiency, readiness, or safety, or restoring them to such condition.

When you buy your next used equipment, you will want to maximize the value you will get from your machine. This means buying at the right price, buying a good quality machine, and minimizing the risks associated with the transaction.

Buying used trucks or construction equipment or farm equipment can save you a lot of money relative to buying new. Understand the difference in features, performance and technology between the model you're interested in buying and more recent models.

If there are technology features on newer models that are not on the machinery you're looking at, see if aftermarket solutions exist to add to the machine. For instance, older models may not have GPS; however, you can easily buy a GPS solution for most machines today.

The range of applications you will use the machine for may be different than the applications for which the prior owner(s) used the machine. If the machine needs modifications, parts or attachments, then make a list of them as well as the cost. These items should be tallied into your cost as well.

Nobody knows ENGEL injection molding machines as well as we do. The used machines are already selected by us before the purchase and are then thoroughly refurbished and tested. With a used ENGEL injection molding machine, you do not only avoid high investment costs but also unpleasant surprises.

The purchase of a used injection molding machine is a matter of trust: We offer you comprehensive advice and information about your refurbished ENGEL injection molding machine before you buy it. In addition, we organize transport, assembly and start-up as well as training of your employees - according to your needs.

Our ENGEL Like New machines are as good as new ones: Invest in barely used, relatively new machines or exhibition machines with low operating hours. You will receive an injection molding machine at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Whether you are in the chemical, contract packaging, contract pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage, packaging, paint and coatings, pharmaceutical, plastics or waste water industry, buying used equipment could very well be the right decision for your business operations.

Okay, yes, this one seems obvious, but there are those who think buying a brand-new machine is the best route to take. However, buying a new piece of equipment is a huge investment that could take away dollars better allocated towards other purchases, maintenance on other machinery, or tooling and upgrades. There is no reason to sacrifice quality and waste money simply because the machine has never had a previous owner.

Another factor often overlooked is the time it takes to have a new machine delivered. Let's say your old beat up shear I mentioned earlier has finally given up the ghost and is worth only scrap. You could easily find a quality used shear from a place like Southern Fab and have it paid for and delivered to your shop in a matter of days.

Sometimes a sudden need for industrial machinery arises and it's essential to address it immediately. Generally, used equipment is in stock and ready to ship, whereas new equipment has a lead time of 8 weeks or more. When the need is urgent, most businesses choose to go with used equipment as the shorter lead times reduce downtime.

When purchasing a used system, you can often inspect the machine and see exactly what you are getting before purchasing it. Used equipment typically arrives in the same state in which you inspected it. New equipment, on the other hand, is usually built after the order is placed or a down payment is made.

If there are already machines in a factory that need replacing, often it is more convenient to replace the machine with the same machine or one similar to it. If the manufacturer is no longer making that specific model, a used machine is the best answer. Replacing a machine with the same model is convenient and reduces training costs.

Choosing used versus new industrial equipment will save you both time and money. At AM Industrial Machinery, we have access to a large amount of used inventory that's in stock and ready for inspection at an excellent selling value. Contact us today for more information!

We buy used machinery for the metalworking industries. Find machine tools, such as lathe, mill, grinder, Horizontal & vertical boring machines, fabricating equipment such as brakes, shears, rolls, tube machinery and much more.We are continuously active buying for cash, whether it be a single machine or an entire plant.

Adding a piece of equipment to your existing arsenal of options is one of the most significant investments that any company can make regardless of its size. Considering the numerous things that need to be decided on in the process of expanding capability or capacity is whether to go for new or used machinery. While the intended use for the equipment should be the first consideration, you also need to factor in the ROI and each type's advantages to ensure that you make a sound decision that is right for you and your company. Many times new machinery is the right option but often enough a quality used piece of equipment at 50% to 70% less than new is overlooked. Here we break the comparison of used vs. new machinery down

Unlike new pieces of equipment that require you to break the bank, used machines come at a relatively lower price. Priced anywhere from 70% to 30% of new can save tens of thousands for a buyer. Further with all the same tax benefits of new and the same financing opportunities a used machine can be a smart investment while allowing the savings to be redirected into specialized tooling, raw materials or even additional shop staff. This means that by purchasing used machinery, you can save a considerable amount of cash and use it in other manufacturing business sections. 041b061a72


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