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Henry Williams
Henry Williams

[S20E2] Temping The Meat

After consistently presenting raw food, Matthew resorted to moving a digital thermometer, which is forbidden, to check his meat temperatures. But the crazy thing is, even when using one, he still served up raw food.

[S20E2] Temping the Meat

Service: Kurt Busch and his friends sat at the red chef's table, while Mike Tyson and his family sat at the blue chef's table. The red team had a flawless service, besides vegans Emily and Josie being slightly confused on fish and meat respectively. However, the men completely fell apart due to a lack of communication and cohesiveness. Jay delivered a raw salmon before entrées began, Matthew undercooked lamb, and Payton forgot an order of chicken while giving out inconsistent times. Despite being given a wake-up call in the pantry room, the men continued to give conflicting times, so a fed up Ramsay kicked them out and asked for two nominees.

Elimination: The men nominated Matthew and Payton while Ramsay also nominated Jayaun. After Payton and Jayaun gave their pleas, Ramsay eliminated Matthew without hearing one, for his bad attitude and consistently terrible performances, even while using a meat thermometer during service.

Service: The six dishes from the challenge were additions to the menu. The blue team had another strong service, where the only issues were Antonio delivering undercooked carbonara, as well as being slow on the refires. The red team fumbled for the second time in a row. First, Payton and Sam undercooked New York strip twice, and then Megan Ramsay sent back Payton's noodles for being bland. The final straw was when everyone but Kiya jumped on the meat station to work on an order of lamb, yet they still undercooked it. Ramsay kicked the red team out of the kitchen to nominate three individuals.

Reward/punishment: Trenton received a VIP tour of the Hell's Kitchen restaurant hosted by season 17 winner Michelle Tribble and a meatball-making master class, and chose to take Steve with him. Brynn, Kiya, and Megan were forced to prep for service by separating peppercorns by hand.

While celebrating in the dorms, the final three are summoned back to the kitchen by Ramsay, who gives them their final challenge: to design a menu consisting of one cold appetizer, one hot appetizer, one seafood dish, one red meat dish, and one surf and turf. They will each receive the help of a sous-chef: Megan got Christina, Kiya got Jason, and Trenton got Michelle, season 17 winner who appeared two episodes ago. 041b061a72


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