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Homework remains a source of some debate among parents and educators, with many questioning the necessity of additional study outside school hours. In a 2014 survey conducted by Stanford University, 56 percent of the students said they considered homework a primary source of stress.

reddit homework book

"We know, however, from a lot of research, that this kind of repetitive recycling of information is not an especially good way to learn or create more permanent memories. Our studies of Washington University students, for instance, show that when they re-read a textbook chapter, they have absolutely no improvement in learning over those who just read it once.

"One good technique to use instead is to read once, then quiz yourself, either using questions at the back of a textbook chapter, or making up your own questions. Retrieving that information is what actually produces more robust learning and memory.

"This can be done in homework too. It's typical, in statistics courses, to give homework in which all of the problems are all in the same category. After correlations are taught, a student's homework, say, is problem after problem on correlation. Then the next week, T tests are taught, and all the problems are on T tests. But we've found that sprinkling in questions on stuff that was covered two or three weeks ago is really good for retention.

Slader used to offer homework help to students for free. It literally contained millions of solutions for nearly 3 million problems. Students could search by ISBN to find the book they needed and the solutions by chapter, section, and exercise number.

The most popular Slader was among STEM subject learners (Slader math, Slader calculus, Slader geometry, etc.), but Slader homework answers by other subjects such as literature and foreign languages were also extremely popular. One of the greatest things about Slader was that it had a free version; also, anyone could answer questions on the platform. Slader also had a Verified solutions section, where answers were verified by a team of experts.

From flashcards to a plagiarism checker to Spanish textbook discounts, there are many benefits to this site that are sure to make your learning experience easier. It focuses on math and science, but if you need to buy a textbook, or if you want some pre-made flashcards, Chegg is a great place to look.

Just write your question, attach any relevant files, and wait for someone to help you out! The pricing varies depending on the complexity and length of your query, so make sure you exhaust any other options before turning to this Spanish homework helper site.

Many resources on the internet serve as great Spanish homework helper sites. However, the best resource for language learning is other people! Speaking Spanish is the fastest way to learn it, and if you have a professional teacher talking to you, learning Spanish will be as easy as having a chat over coffee. With over 20,000 active students, Homeschool Spanish Academy offers effective, fun Spanish lessons and tutoring at a reasonable cost. To check it out for yourself, take a free class with us and start your Spanish learning journey today!

If you are in the process of curating your Reddit home page, consider checking out the personal finance subreddit. Personal finance is subscribed to by over 13.5 million people, and contains troves of knowledge about how to make personal financial decisions, big and small. Many of the people commenting and responding to questions are experienced financial services professionals, or people who have already had to ask and answer the same questions in the past. It is a great resource to check up on daily, or even just when you have a finance question you need answered.

If you know what you are eating is trash and, furthermore, if you are spending too much money on hollow calories (fast food is actually surprisingly expensive), check out this subreddit for meal tips. It might completely revolutionize how you think about eating and shopping while studying.

Many people, especially students, are under the impression that university is about sacrificing your eating and dietary standards for four years for the sake of your education. The old familiar trope of university students eating packaged ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is still a popular one. But you can actually eat quite healthily on a budget if you know how to shop and what to make. This subreddit has great information and tips for doing so, and provides a lot of inspiration.

These are another category of good subreddits for students, and often act as supplementary student resources for people wanting to know what is going on around campus. They often contain threads about deals, or offers to be found on campus that might otherwise be poorly advertised, as well as information about events, rallies, protests etc. that are of consequence to student life on campus.

Welcome to the ME 274 course website for the Spring 2023 term. The material on this site is a complement to the lecture book for the course. And, all material here is accessible without the need to log in. Please review the resources that are available to you in the links on the left sidebar of the page. Logging in is required only for adding comments to the blog posts. Read me for instructions in logging in to the website.

But critics say the digital access codes represent the same price-gouging ethos of the textbook business, and are even harder for students to opt out of. While they could once buy second-hand textbooks, or share copies with friends, the digital systems are essentially impossible to avoid.

"When we talk about access codes we see it as the new face of the textbook monopoly, a new way to lock students around this system," said Ethan Senack, the higher education advocate for the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, to BuzzFeed News.

The access codes may be another financial headache for students, but for textbook businesses, they're the future. McGraw Hill Education, which controls 21% of the higher education market, reported in March that its digital content sales surpassed print sales for the first time in 2015. The company said that 45% of its $140 million revenue in 2015 "was derived from digital products," according to its annual report.

A Pearson spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that "digital materials are less expensive and a good investment" that offer new features, like audio texts, personalized knowledge checks and expert videos. Its digital course materials save students up to 60% compared to traditional printed textbooks, the company added.

David Hunt, an associate professor in sociology at Augusta University, which has rolled out digital textbooks across its math and psychology departments, told BuzzFeed News that he understands the utility of using systems that require access codes. But he doesn't require his students to buy access to a learning program that controls the class assignments.

"I try to make things as inexpensive as possible," said Hunt who uses free digital textbooks for his classes but designs his own curriculum. "[The online systems] may make my life a lot easier but I feel like I'm giving up control. The discussions are the things where my expertise can benefit the students most."

A 20-year old junior at Georgia Southern University, who asked to remain anonymous, told BuzzFeed News that she normally spends anywhere from $500 to $600 on access codes for class. In one case, the professor didn't require students to buy a textbook, just an access code to turn in homework.

Benjamin Wolverton, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of South Carolina, told BuzzFeed News that "it is ridiculous that after paying tens of thousands in tuition we have to pay out of pocket for all these access codes to do our homework."

How do you study? If you are like most students, your favorite strategy is to read the textbook and your notes, and then read them again (Karpicke, Butler & Roediger, 2009). You may think that reading and rereading is the best way to learn. It is not.

Somewhere along the line, many students come to the conclusion that studying for exams means staying up all night, drinking coffee by the gallon and rereading their textbook and notes so many times that their eyeballs bleed. Indeed, most students decide what to study next based on whatever is due next (or overdue). Few students make a study schedule ahead of time and then stick to it (Kornell & Bjork, 2007).

Carol Tavris earned her PhD in the interdisciplinary program in social psychology at the University of Michigan. Tavris writes and lectures extensively on diverse topics in psychological science and critical thinking. In addition to working with Carole Wade, she is co-author, with Elliot Aronson, of "Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts," and author of "The Mismeasure of Woman" and "Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion." Many of her book reviews and opinion essays have been collected in "Psychobabble and Biobunk: Using Psychology to Think Critically About Issues in the News."

Scroll through these sites and spend some time browsing keywords on Quora or diving deep into industry-specific subreddits. Find out what users are asking and what kinds of content they look for. Reddit thrives on snarky commentary and quirky links. Quora loves advice with a sincere tone and organized actionable lists. Find questions you can really dig into and create well-formatted, thoughtful responses whose quality the community will recognize and appreciate.

If you're using a textbook published by Cengage, then yes, access to WebAssign for your course, and all Cengage online homework platforms, is included in the Cengage Unlimited plan that begins at $119.99 for 4-months access.

Cengage Unlimited is a student savings plan that offers you complete access to the entire Cengage eTextbook library, the FREE Cengage mobile app, at least 4 FREE hardcopy textbook rentals and more starting at $69.99. If you also need access to Cengage online homework platforms like WebAssign, the $119.99 plan option is for you.


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