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The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse Free Download 1 [Extra Quality]

With engaging stories and clear, simple language, pastor Kevin Thompson shows how to live out three distinct roles in marraige. Using solid biblical principles, he helps you and your spouse grow your friendship, be supportive partners through the good times and the bad, and develop a healthy and satisfying sex life.

The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse free download 1

216. No power can abolish the natural right to marriage or modify its traits and purpose. Marriage in fact is endowed with its own proper, innate and permanent characteristics. Notwithstanding the numerous changes that have taken place in the course of the centuries in the various cultures and in different social structures and spiritual attitudes, in every culture there exists a certain sense of the dignity of the marriage union, although this is not evident everywhere with the same clarity[478]. This dignity must be respected in its specific characteristics and must be safeguarded against any attempt to undermine it. Society cannot freely legislate with regard to the marriage bond by which the two spouses promise each other fidelity, assistance and acceptance of children, but it is authorized to regulate its civil effects.

234. The judgment concerning the interval of time between births, and that regarding the number of children, belongs to the spouses alone. This is one of their inalienable rights, to be exercised before God with due consideration of their obligations towards themselves, their children already born, the family and society[528]. The intervention of public authorities within the limits of their competence to provide information and enact suitable measures in the area of demographics must be made in a way that fully respects the persons and the freedom of the couple. Such intervention may never become a substitute for their decisions[529]. All the more must various organizations active in this area refrain from doing the same.

During your divorce, your spouse may try to gaslight you. Gaslighting is a method of manipulation that makes you question yourself and your reality. Some of the tried and true tactics gaslighters use include:

Maybe they did you a favor in the long run. Life experiences, even terrible ones, force us to learn important lessons and grow. Work through the experience and you will come out a better, deeper, wiser person for it. In a sense, you can thank your nightmare past for a better future- a narcissist-free future.

The word harsh grows out of the Hebrew word for bitter. Bitterness leads you to hard words, which stir up anger toward your spouse. The situation becomes explosive, which is detrimental to the couple, the children, and the cause of Christ in the world.

When we ask the Lord to help us let go of bitterness, judgment, and condemnation, and began to release it to Him, we will soon be aware of remarkable changes taking place within us. The Holy Spirit will begin a wonderful work of healing in our lives, and we will be set free from the tyranny of our bitterness and resentment. Whenever you remember the offense, remind yourself that you have chosen to forgive. Symbolize your act of forgiving your partner in some way, such as by taking communion together or renewing your wedding vows.

Trust in God will be the foundation upon which you begin to develop trust in your spouse. Before trust can be restored in the relationship, there must be a sense of confidence that you are secure. Your sense of confidence and security is ultimately tied to your confidence in God.

Forgiveness cannot be disregarded if true recovery is desired. Restoring trust requires reconciliation. Taking adequate time, paying attention to detail, and receiving the objective help of a Christian counselor may be essential for the future of your relationship. Sin gains its strength from secrecy. Reconciliation gains strength by bringing the secret sin to light. While rebuilding trust, a truly repentant spouse will show evidence by taking the initiative to restore trust in the marriage. The following is strong advice to a spouse who is sincere about repairing a damaged marriage:

If you have a drinking problem, you have probably felt condemned by yourself and others. Rather than condemning, however, God emphasizes how to overcome by receiving salvation, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the fruit of the Spirit. With these you will have the ability to become free and stay free of alcohol.

You may have a spouse, relative, or friend who is not an alcoholic and wants to help you. He or she may need salvation, the baptism of the Spirit, and the fruit of the Spirit for their own sake. They can then better intercede for your deliverance from alcohol.

That's not to say that they should tolerate your alcoholic behavior. Instead, they should offer to help you. Your spouse, friends, or relatives can find out how to help you by contacting a Spirit-filled fellowship, AA, or ALANON, an organization for friends and relatives of alcoholics.


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