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Mta Tae 251 Chiller Manual

The solvent inside tank 1 is moved by a pump; the solvent flows through a heater and then the temperature of the solvent increases.The piping between the solvent pump and the tank 1 includes two manuals valve that can be use of the maintenance of the pump.

mta tae 251 chiller manual


W ostatnim czasie zadaniem Naszego Serwisu był przegląd zerowy, a także naprawa chiller MTA TAE EVO 251. Urządzenie funkcjonuje w dość skrajnych warunkach z racji na duże zabrudzenie ze. Urządzenie usadowione jest w zakładzie gospodarowania odpadami, z tego właśnie względu chiller musi mieć podwyższoną wydajność.

General Air Products offers a line of air cooled chillers packaged with pumps, a tank, and microprocessor controls. Our packaged air cooled chiller line is offered in a variety of sizes from ton cooling capacity up to 60 ton cooling capacity.

This modul includes the wort cooling unit, aeration stone for wort, hot water storage tank (HWT), cold treated-water tank (ITWT), plate heat exchanger (PHE) and optionaly glycol chiller (GCU), measuring and control system for cooling and heating of water, electric power switch cabinet, main frame with adjustable feet.

This modul includes the hot steam generator (only in SH version), air compressor with integrated air microbiotic filters and air dryer, compact glycol chiller, basic water treatment system, electric power switch cabinet, main frame with adjustable feet.

KMT Pumps are fitted with a heat exchanger which can be cooled by a constant supply of cold water from mains supply, or water recirculated and cooled by a refrigerated chiller. The addition of our MTA refrigerated chiller gives the benefit of dramatically reducing water wastage. MTA systems reduce water usage by at least 75% whilst enabling 100% duty cycle for continuous cutting and production.

Unlike typical chillers, the MTA series have been designed specifically for industry. Fruit of over 20 years in the industrial chilling market, with hundreds of thousands of refrigerating machines installed worldwide, MTA perfectly matches the needs of a diverse range of industries. This is thanks to: 350c69d7ab


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