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Right. So well, I posted this on Twitter that these are the top apps across for 100 million downloads. And James Cridland, who writes pod news was like, I'd love to know why Apple keeps continuing to grow, because they grew, I guess, like another 3% in the last month. three percentage points. That's a really big jump, and Spotify grew their overall numbers, but actually decreased because Spotify or Apple has been so strong, they lost market share to Apple, yeah, they lost market share, even though the, you know, amount of actual plays on their platform increase.

one piece film strong world episode 0 download

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So a few reasons why we would be saying this. I mean, number one, Buzzsprout plays when 15% in a single month, it's January versus December, December is always a down month for podcasting, because people have tons of stuff that's going on. They're opening presents, and they're spending tons of time and family and they're arguing about politics, and they've got important stuff to do. And then in January, everyone's like, well, now I'm going to make some real big improvements in my life. And I'm gonna start listening to all these podcasts and the personal growth. So we know that podcasts do get a bump in January. So that's one reason why we saw the overall jump. The apple one in particular, it's all just legit. One thing we thought for a little bit was maybe Apple is leaning more into, we always have had these group called Apple Core media, which are not identifiable if they're Apple podcasts or they're for a different podcasting app. And that has stayed relatively the same that grew by 15%. Just like everything else did perfectly in line. The one that saw the big jump was the actually identifiable Apple podcasts place. So just Apple's been doing a much better job getting more people into the podcasting app. Maybe they've changed some sort of behavior that more people are downloading episodes rather than streaming them. But yeah, it's uh, there's nothing particularly there. I did hear a piece of are we allowed to put on like gossip, Kevin, insider info? Why not? I mean, the worst

So like Alpha Brain is, Alchemy is showing up on all sorts of other podcasts. But this is like, the thing that is helping is like the linchpin of this entire strategy. This isn't like when Apple podcasts said, Hey, I don't know if we want you to find the Alex Jones podcast on Apple podcasts anymore. That was a very different decision. Because all that was is they're like, hey, there's a link inside of our app to this content that we find objectionable. Spotify is said, Oh, we love this show. We love it so much, we will spend $100 million. We think the people who listen to show love it so much, that they will dump all the apps they're on and move to Spotify, we are actively promoting it at the top of all these charts, we are going out of our way to say this is the content you should be paying attention to. It's a very different scenario, I keep seeing people bringing up like censorship and section 230. And all this stuff about it's really much more applicable to social media and user generated content. Joe Rogan is no longer user generated content. This is your premium piece of content on your platform. And when that's the case, you absolutely owe some editorial oversight, and some responsibility. Now, I haven't listened to any of the cited episodes of Joe Rogan. I haven't listened to any of those episodes since he became a Spotify exclusive. So I'm not really weighing in on whether or not they're making the right editorial decisions. But they absolutely need to be the ones deciding that now. And a Spotify doesn't like what he's saying. They need to be the ones having a conversation with Joe about that. They can't kind of wash your hands of it be like, hey, it's a podcast guys. Like what what are you talking about? This is your podcast, this is your thing?

But there, but there is a there is a narrative behind that, like it does lead you to believe other things, which is that you're not going to be successful if you only have a few episodes. This is more of a long game, right? And so at what point did these people become successful? Did they achieve that $50,000 a year in revenue for their podcast? Well, it probably wasn't before they started hitting, you know, hit 100 Plus episodes. And so that can be an encouragement. I think that's a good takeaway. It's not necessarily that doesn't come right through when you read the summary of data. But in the podcasting world, you probably shouldn't expect a whole lot of success until you get into the hundreds of episodes, you know, window,

is a different example. He was born into fame. Sure. Right. But let's talk about like the Smartlist. Guys, they launched who is a Jason Bateman Will Arnett and someone else I'm forgetting another actor, guys. I'm willing grace. Funny guy. Yeah. Yeah, so the three of them launch a podcast and they became really successful really quickly, right. And then their show got acquired by Amazon really quickly. But they had years and years and years of like building their fame and their following. And so that's something that we've talked about before as well. It may be it's not 100 episodes for those people that achieve success. But it has been 25 years as like trying to build an acting career to get to the point where now they can launch a podcast and have success in a short amount of time. Right? So you don't necessarily I don't want to do 100 podcast episodes to reach a level of success. Fine. Just go ahead and do 25 years in the TV and film industry. Like put your time but you have to put your time in somewhere. Sure. Right. I think that's what we're saying.

sure. And all three of those make sense, you have said, I'm going to make sure there's a piece of content every week, I'm going to make sure that piece of content is substantial, it's not just a 15 minute, quick episode. And it's can be focused to specific audience. And all three of those are very highly correlated with the shows that perform well. And I think it's because if you're going to be a successful podcaster, you need to have this core group of people who love the show, and you've actually kind of embedded your podcast into their life that they are used to, hey, I'm gonna listen to this podcast when it shows up. When I go for a run, when I go drive to work, when I go do this, or that, I'm going to listen to this podcast. And it's like, these are my friends are the people that I really enjoy listening to. And so all three of those data points really lean back into, like, if it's coming out every Monday, and it's two hours long. Like you've given your a bunch of people an opportunity to create a relationship with you and for you to kind of be important to their life. Because that's what people are putting a few dollars towards, or they're gonna

Everybody, thanks for sticking around to the end of the episode. This is Alban here dropping in some dynamic content to tell you about some updates to our dynamic content features. We're continuing to move forward with all the tools allowing you to trop ads and announcements into all of your episodes, so that you can record something once and automatically have it added to the beginning or end of all of your episodes, the new updates that we've made to dynamic content. Number one, if you have an announcement that's maybe only applicable for a short period, and you replace it with something else will now that announcement stays in something we're calling our dynamic content library. The library is a list of all of the different announcements or advertisements, or just little pieces that you've dropped into your episodes over time so that you can reapply them whenever you would like. The second piece is that now those are tracked for how many times they've been played. So if you have an ad read, and you want to report back to your sponsor, and tell them how many times it's been downloaded. Well now you know, because that content may be spread across 30 different podcast episodes. You want to be able to count the stats for all of those for the entire time that it was out in the world. Reach out to us on Twitter, let us know how you were using dynamic content and the new dynamic content library. We'll see you in a couple weeks. Bye

[00:02:21] Naomi Klein: Yeah, it's a tradition that understands the ecological crisis that we're in, which includes the climate crisis, but it's part of a broader crisis of depletion and exhaustion and extraction in the natural world as a symptom of a dominance-based worldview. That is the same system that dominates women, Black people, Indigenous people, and in fact that dominates anyone seen as too close to the earth, I think is part of an ecofeminist analysis. That part of the hatred of women is the way in which women and women who give birth are seen to challenge the mythology of the individual against the world, the atomized individual, because of course it's a lie and of course we're part of interdependent, beautiful relationships.

And this is why I think that you have such strong climate change denial on the far right. And all the sort of social science shows that the people most likely to deny climate change are people who have what sociologists call a dominance-based worldview, coming back to where we started, right? If you believe that the current hierarchies that dominate our world are natural, that some people just belong on top, and those people happen to be rich white men, that people get what they deserve, they measure dominance-based worldview based on agreement with statements like that, that people basically get what they deserve, you know, and so on. If you have that worldview, it is vastly more likely that you will deny climate change because climate change challenges your worldview, because it demotes you, if that's how you see the world, right? It says actually you never were in charge. You never were in charge of nature. So yeah, that's one of the ways how I see power, but I also feel like it's not as simple as Mother Nature is going to put us in our place, right?


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