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Henry Williams
Henry Williams

Are Microsoft Evil

The Microsoft is degenerative and utterly evil company that wasted so many hours of our lives. They made lot of decisions which make me think about computers as evil machines that enslave us. Not because of the machines but because of all philosophical and unethical decisions we made when we used Microsoft products. It is basicly helping nazis win a war. Nobody cares in present how bad it will be in future with Windows. Somehow it works and we are just dull zombies following mainstream in sake of comformity.

Are Microsoft evil

Well, make no mistake: Microsoft is still The Evil Empire. Just when you're ready to count Microsoft out, company officials do something so evil that it reminds you why the corporation is still going strong after more than four decades.

Employees were being forced to work 60-hour weeks. Sometimes, they went without a break for up to 18 days. No one could decline night shifts, and no one could sit while working, no matter how weary they were. And even more concerning, children as young as 12 were discovered working in incredibly dangerous conditions. If that's not evil, we don't know what is.

Google is actively working to manipulate the public into a perverted view of the world. And more importantly, a way of thinking they want to impose. There are many words to describe that way of acting, and at the top of the list is evil.

Evil Sam is Microsoft Sam's evil twin. He first appeared in Sam and His Evil Twin, where he claimed he is the real Sam until the real Sam showed up. In The Return of Evil Sam, he returned thanks to Helena Stoker. He fired Scotty in LT Bloopers 178.

A little-known part of the Google deal to buy part of AOL for $1 billion is a shocker: Google agreed to a link scheme that Microsoft called unethical, but that Google was only too happy to accede to, according to the New York Times. What's going on here? Isn't Microsoft supposed to be the bad guys, while Google is the "do-no-evil" company?Well, the "do-no-evil" days are long past. The AOL deal made that clear.

by Tom Spring (IDG) -- Could Microsoft be "more evil than Satan himself"? Even Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson would not make that ruling. But the jury may still be out at popular search engines. Try running the query "more evil than Satan himself" at the Google search site. According to the folks at Google, the URL for damnation is Sound odd? It gets weirder. Google insists it has got it right. "No one spammed us or spoofed us," says Cindy McCaffrey, a spokesperson for Google. She says the query results are legitimate and maintains the listing is simply an "anomaly caused by quantum fluctuations in Web space." Huh?

Back in Microsoft's evil empire days, I was working at a major research university supporting research scientists and PhD students using Windows, Unix, Linux and MacOS. Guess which OS had the worst reputation for security? You guessed it, Windows! Regular fights broke out over what should be the standard antivirus package. However, this is also old news.

Coined in frustration by the ASO project team, the phrase evil discriminator identifies the fundamental differences in the way polymorphic API payloads are defined in Swagger, as compared to the JSON Schema on which ASO was originally based.

Gerald Gazdar alerted me to this interesting material on a site run by Michal Zalewski under the catchy name of (it appears to be a blogmaintained by a Polish programmer in California). The page might need tobe consulted soon, before Microsoft lawyers track down the page author and get around to drafting minatory letters to have it shut down. Basically,what this guy did was to run a search for publicly available Microsoft Worddocuments that are freely downloadable from the domainand look in them with Unix tools to see if they contained records trackingchanges or displaying material that was erased from the final draft.Ten percent of them had change-tracking records and five percent had recoverable deleted material. So he took a look at what Microsoft staffhad been erasing from, e.g., press releases and essays attacking Linux.It's certainly instructive, occasionally amusing, and of course, alwaysthere is the aura of the dark side, a whiff of brimstone. 350c69d7ab


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